Venison Teriyaki

220px-22nd_June_2012_Teriyaki_Duck[1]By Steve Mayer

Add a little Asian flair to your culinary repertoire with this simple and really tasty teriyaki dish. This is a great way to change-up the usual venison steak for dinner syndrome. Venison originally described the meat from any game animal killed by hunting. The term was applied to any animal from the deer, hare, and pig families, as well as some of the goat and ibex species. In North America the term “Venison” now almost exclusively describes meat from the deer family. I have used deer, elk, antelope, and wild boar in this recipe, and they all worked out well. I like to use the shoulder cut for this recipe, though just about any cut will work well. You could just use a store-bought teriyaki sauce, but this one is so easy to make, and tastes so good, you have to try it. The cornstarch in the sauce is key, it coats the meat with a velvety-like covering of tasty goodness. See Recipe…

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Source:: Sportsmans News Recipes