Venison Tacos

TacosBy Steve Mayer

Bring a zesty “south of the border” flavor to your table with this Venison Taco Recipe. I hope you had a successful “hunting and gathering” year and are ready to try some new ways of preparing your bounty. Here again the term “Venison” is taken in the literal sense, as the meat of a game animal, especially a deer. This recipe is universal for a multitude of game meats besides deer. Elk, caribou, moose, turkey, goose, duck, buffalo, and wild boar, can all be assembled into an incredible Mexican treat. I like the pure meat ground with no added fat, or cut into small cubes. The size of the grind or cubes is whatever texture you like. If you have used a butcher and had burger made with added fat, he, that will still work quite well. If you want to get your meat at the market instead of chasing it down yourself, that is great too! You can use any type of cheese, but I think the tang of the sharp cheddar really compliments the flavors of these tacos. This recipe is enough for about 12 tacos and will feed 4-6 people. See Recipe…

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Source:: Sportsmans News Recipes